Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A special THANK YOU to comrade rebelde

***Once again, I was humbled by your support for the rebelde project. The entire batch of R series was snatched up in less than two hours. 
For those who were not quick enough: unfortunately I don’t have an estimate as to when the next batch of watches will be released. Right now, the focus is purely on rebelde50 as well as a number of other exciting projects of which I will tell you more in due course.

The good news is that I am completing last few pieces of rebelde Titanium B batch and two watches will be available by the end of the week. We’ve had tons of good feedback on titanium: you love the feel (super light) and you love the size (45mm). I wear one myself on our Puerto Rico black croco strap which gives the watch a cool, almost "dress look". See the pic below. The price of TiB is $3,000 and the watch includes our 5 years guarantee on parts and labour.

For our overseas subscribers: the reddish wood (watchmaker’s bench) is Queensland maple and the little block is Tasmanian oak. One day, when I have nothing to do, I intend to hand-make a couple of simple watch boxes using some exotic Australian wood. I am getting better at finger-joinery but this is an art form in itself yet to be mastered.

The past 3 months have been just crazy. My mind is completely consumed by watchmaking. We are learning so much about machining, measuring and CAD. We are spending great deal of time and money setting ourselves for the next phase of 'Australian Horology'. In few weeks time Josh and I will be travelling to Germany and Switzerland and I cannot tell you how excited I am about this trip. Again, all we do here is purely result of your continuing support. 

Thank you kindly and stay tuned for more!

rebelde TiB 65/75, assembled and available for immediate delivery.

Happy collecting,

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