Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Announcing rebelde R

***The biggest product announcement cliché of all time has to be the one starting with "Good news! - Our new gadget is here!" And I have to admit, I've used this opening line myself more than once.

However, for a few people out there, today's announcement will not only be good, long awaited news, but a total surprise! After almost two years, the Control Tower is back in stock, ready for immediate delivery.

Yes, this is the one you've been waiting for: the stainless steel maxi dial rebelde.

The entire production re-run is 10 pieces because right now I could only source 10 'gold-signed' 6497 movements. Also, the dial supplier could only provide 10 maxi dials. And finally, only 10 steel cases with plain bezels could be manufactured and engraved on such short notice. Limitations galore.
What we have for you is therefore a limited re-run of rebelde R batch, with each piece signed R01 to R10. The red seconds hand is not just an icing on the case, but a very distinct detail that makes the R batch stand out from the original issue.

It goes without saying that rebelde R will find their new owners in a heartbeat. However I am happy to make you even more special and even more appreciated by including two more goodies:
- a sterling silver rebelde Mark pen to accompany your new watch
- a very special 5 years + 1 day guarantee [5Y1D]

Now, you may rightly wonder what the 5Y1D guarantee is all about? It's simple: your rebelde R is fully covered for 5 years, parts and labour, so you won't have to spend a cent to keep it going. 
However, if you bring your watch to us one day after the guarantee expires, we will extend it for one more day. And that one day extension is priceless to you, because on that day we will completely strip your watch down, do a complete overhaul, polish your case and fit a brand new strap. And we won't charge you a cent for your first major overhaul - we'll treat it as an 'under guarantee' job.

Your rebelde will be then ready for another 5 years of faithful performance.

It has been almost 3 years since we started the rebelde project and the beauty of it is that we are now 'richer' by over 400 happy watch owners. We measure our success not by the number or value of watches sold, but by the number of happy rebelde comrades. And I have no doubt that if you join our club today you will be more than happy with your rebelde R and our commitment to you, as a valuable partner who is helping us to write yet another humble chapter in the history of Australian attempts to produce an Australian watch.

Thank you for your support.
Rebelde R, total production 10 pieces, 8 pieces available for sale (numbers R02/10 - R09/10).

Happy collecting,


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