Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Mark 1 - a brief review

A "thank you" card to Gemma by a happy Mark 1 customer.

After almost 2 years of development, the first NH Mark 1 watch was finally assembled, tested and delivered on May 3, 2019 to Gary Miller from Belrose, NSW.  Three months later, we have assembled 116 watches with 67 delivered to our supporters. Three of them - ladies.

In case you are still awaiting delivery of your MK1, there are only a few more sleepless nights.  We are expecting the delivery of leather straps and your watch will be on its way soon. In the meantime, here is some feedback from those who have received their watch:

"Advice to watch enthusiasts - add one of these watches to your collection. I have had a number of dealings with Nick and his team, and could not be happier. Rebeldes (and all his watches) arrive on time, perfect working order, and perfect condition. Bought the Mark 1 recently for husband, hubby loves it. Keeps going on about the great quality, "better than an IWC", love the Australian made strap, "even the buckle is cool", etc, etc. Just get one, or one for your husband or partner. Cheers." - S

"This is my second purchase of an NH watch and I cannot be happier.  His handmade, locally designed and assembled watches have confined my other watches to the safe. I look forward to reading the daily blog and vicariously living the life of a rebel. Viva Rebelde!" - P

"I have just taken delivery of my second Nicholas Hacko watch. I absolutely love my new MK1. Cheers. DC."

"My experience in buying a Mark 1 watch has been flawless. The quality of the watch and the service is world class". - John

"I took delivery of a new Mark 1 a couple of weeks ago and it's fast becoming my go to watch. Happy to see someone keeping the Australian watch industry going." - Eddie

"I've just received delivery of my new MK1 and couldn't be happier with it. This is my second purchase from Nick and the team and won't be the last. Great company to deal with." - Peter

"Spectacular watch received. Every bit worth the wait for the "Mark 1".  Congratulations Nick and the team on this work. Satisfied customer. Thanks" - Don
Why is the MK1 project so important to you - and to us?

There are three reasons worth highlighting.

1. MK1 is a simple, high quality, every day watch, priced accordingly. It is a watch you can wear daily knowing that it is fully repairable (if needed), fully serviceable, and built to last for decades. It represents true value for money.

2. MK1 allows us to grow. With every watch sold, we are getting stronger as a brand and as a team of young and enthusiastic Australian watchmakers. A project like MK1 allows the "transfer of knowledge" - from an overseas-trained watchmaker to young Australian apprentices. Nothing beats the excitement of the in-house assembly process which results in the birth of a brand new watch. With each assembled watch, our young watchmakers are being rewarded with a sense of relevance and their self-confidence grows. Being just a watch technician at a Big Brand, repairing broken watches, is not nearly as 'cool' as being directly involved in the MAKING of an Australian watch brand.

3. Your money stays in Australia.  Each sale contributes in a very direct way to our national well-being from Goods & Services Tax collected, corporate tax paid, to wages, superannuation contributions, down to income tax paid by every employee.  A micro project like ours is vital for the Australian economy.  We are proud to be one of 4.8 million Australians who work in a small business and contribute 35 percent of total industry value added. 

Should you wish to place an order for Mark 1 then simply give us a call on (02) 9232-0500.  The price is $2,800.  No payment is required until the watch is assembled and ready for delivery (which is currently around three weeks).  Mark 1 is a 40mm, automatic watch which comes with an Australian hand-made kangaroo leather strap.  Five years guarantee.  

Thank you for your support.

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