Thursday, June 20, 2019

Workshop notes

This is exciting: we've just added yet another watch part to our arsenal of 'Made in Australia' components. Again, the usual question: do you have an attention to detail?

The picture below shows the drawing of the part as well as the part itself. Can you see the part?

Yes, that's it - a speck in the plastic bag in the top left corner. Engineers and machinists have already noticed dimensions and tolerances: 1mm long and 1.1mm in diameter at the widest point.

This watch locating pin is inserted in bridges and the balance cock to ensure proper alignment with the main plate. Previously the locating pin was milled together with the brass bridge.  However, since we are now experimenting with titanium (which is much harder and slower to mill), the new pin arrangement saves us on machining time, tools and materials themselves.

The 1mm locating pin is made on our Citizen R04 CNC lathe with a cycle time of 23 seconds. It comes out of the lathe with almost a mirror finish. Design, tooling, setup, programming and the actual machining - in house.

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