Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Mission accomplished

I absolutely hate partial repairs but sometimes it's hard to say no, especially when it's a matter of undoing a wrong by doing a right.  The owner of this lovely Omega Speedmaster had a crack on the hesalite and he took his watch to Omega Service Centre.  When the watch arrived back it was also fitted with a new set of hands - not really something he expected or requested.  But he was in luck!  He got his old hands back.  Can I simply put his tritium hands back on, he asked?  As any watchmaker will tell you, fitting chronograph hands is the most delicate of watch servicing.  But what could I say?  You know me - I'll do anything for a good Google review!

Below is the photo of the watch as it arrived with shiny new hands and the final image shows the end result: the old hands, dial and movement reunited.  A final touch on the sweep hand as well as timekeeping adjustment and we are done.


... and after

Finally, here is an image of the hands of a Speedmaster Moonwatch.  Note that while all sub-dial hands look the same from the top, they fit different diameter wheels so the inner tube is different.               


The bottom line:  when you put your watch in for a brand service make sure you request that all the parts be returned to you.  After all, they are your property and they should not keep them.                           

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