Friday, December 27, 2019

Meet Your Machinist: Timascus Project Watchdog Night.

Monday Night's get together was an amazing event. We managed to pack nineteen people into our tiny office, and for two hours we talked about the most important project of 2019. The designing, machining, assembly, and completion of the first eight NH2 Timascus watches. Our young machinists presented their case well, explaining why Timascus is such a difficult material to work with, and how to turn a bar of a three composite titanium alloy- not intended to be used in watch making- into a high precision watch component. Polished to perfection to reveal fireworks of colour, one thing is certain, whilst some technical details might have been lost on our audience, the room was filled with excitement for a product manufactured in Australia. 

This now brings us to the next phase of our project-making plans for 2020.

There are many unknowns that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to creating products of high quality, with so many future unknowns. How many watches are we going to make? How much material, and how many tools are we going to order? And furthermore, how do we predict time? Time needed for annual machine maintenance that blocks out entire weeks of possible use? Or time needed to create proto-types, to hold educational workshops, and so much more? Only one person can run a machine at a time, and they have other commitments too, including attending trade fairs, presentations, and going overseas for further education. This is not an easy task for a watchmaker, untrained in financial planning. I do not have a crystal ball, but at the same time I do not want to disappoint awaiting customers.

The best I can do to solve this mystery is the following:  
We are Open for Orders.

Orders received up to 6th January 2020 will lock in place an order with us for the NH2 Timascus at the price as already announced, $8800. On 7th January, the price of NH2 Timascus will be $9800 so we need you to be clear about your commitment with us.

If there is a question if whether the watch itself warrants a price increase - my answer is absolutely yes! Our intention is to keep pricing NH2 Timascus so that one day the price will be our real production price. The amount of energy and investment that goes into this labour of love, we cannot subsidize the product forever from other activities.

It is clear that the NH2 Timascus watch can, and will, never be mass produced, and it is also clear that as we improve, we are increasing the number of components truly made in Australia that we can include. A true watch enthusiast that appreciates the uniqueness of a quality product will always understand and recognise the true value of a watch.

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