Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Manufactured in Australia and proudly so!

Good news!

As I type this, we have six NH2 Timascus watches completely assembled and ready for delivery on December 17th.

To say that completing six pieces was a real challenge would be an understatement - but I am extremely pleased that after almost a year of research and development, machining and assembly, we have reached a stage where consistency in tolerances, colouring and ultimately the performance of assembled watches is simply impressive. Timascus is ready to go!

Of course, you have to take my word for it: the pictures of the timascus watches below are just a pale shadow of how they look 'in real life.' It is practically impossible to photograph timascus movements through the glass case back. As I always say, if you are in the area, please stop by and check them out in person.
You will be pleasantly surprised!

Please find below a brief description and photos of the available NH2 watches.

For Australian customers, the price is AUD$8,800 including GST.
For overseas customers, the price is AUD $8,000.
Case No. J03/25
Serial No. 028-03
Colour: Turquoise, purple, lilac with gold engraving and gloss finish.
Pattern: Plasma

J03 is a very vibrant piece where all three titanium alloys responded dramatically to the anodising process. The ever-changing hue of purple is eye pleasing, highlighted by an azure turquoise under layer. 
Case No. J04/25
Serial No. 029-04
Colour: Turquoise, purple, lilac with gold engraving and gloss finish.
Pattern: Mosaic

All bridges of J04 are made of mosaic pattern timascus, where the predominant colour is turquoise with splashes of purple. The gold engraving and custom ratchet wheel make J04 a perfect example of nicely matched patterns, with the same grain clearly visible on all bridges. 
Case No. J05/25
Serial No. 030-05
Colour: Green with deep gold engraving and gloss finish.
Pattern: Mosaic

J05 is the first green timascus watch. It was a result of a rather complex anodising process. The green ranges from lime to fluorescent with finely matched mosaic patterns on all bridges.

Nicknamed “Papageno”.
Case No. J06/25
Serial No. 031-06
Colour: Turquoise, purple, blue with titanium engraving and gloss finish.
Pattern: Nebula

Without any doubt, the three quarter bridge and balance cock bridge of J06 reveal the most intricate nature of three composite timascus. The pattern itself resembles woodgrain, and thanks to the multi-layered anodising process, the spectrum of colours range from a number of shades of purple, turquoise and blue. 
Case No. J07/25
Serial No. 032-07
Colour: Gold, purple, pink with titanium engraving and high gloss finish.
Pattern: Nebula

J07 is another completely unique piece with a look that changes dramatically in relation to light angle. In low light, its almost entirely gold. As the light intensity increases, you will be welcomed with a spectrum of purple, gold, pink and indigo blue. Nebula pattern with a couple of very prominent rosebuds.

Nicknamed “Lavender”. 
Case No. J09/25
Serial No. 034-08
Colour: Indigo with matte finish.
Pattern: Rosebud Nebula

J08 is nicknamed “Indigo Rosebuds”. There are actually 11 rosebuds on the balance cock and three quarter bridge. Thanks to the matte finish (all surfaces being treated with micro-blasting) indigo blue and deep purple are the two predominant colours. In the case of J08, the predominant colour depends on the angle that the light hits the surface, rather than the intensity of the light itself. The movement engraving is stealth and of all NH2 pieces, J08 reveals its intricate details at close range with a loupe. 

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