Monday, March 16, 2020

Business as usual in March 2020

The buzz word of the week: self-isolation. My goodness, I can't wait for 2 weeks of FUN: no bloody customers, no phone calls, no unwanted emails. No public transport hassle either- just endless streaming of Netflix, YouTube documentaries, stock market horror stories & reports. Homemade food – and countless hours playing with toys. 

But hang on - I've just described YOUR life! For me, business as usual! Yes, we are open by appointments only - but we ARE open. With a pile of watches to list, and a pile of watches to repair - and assemble - life goes on. 

Self-isolation is not the end of the world. Pull out your watches, give them a wind, kick them in motion - and have some fun. Change straps. Clean bracelets; polish those plexi glasses to a mirror finish. Of course, if you haven't done it yet - do your watch inventory. I can't think of a better time to do so than now! 

Your inventory sheet should be detailed: stock number, model reference, serial numbers - all numbers visible on the watch - as well as a thorough description. Don't forget the important bit: price paid and what you believe is the current market value. Take a few photos of your stock and keep them on file. It goes without saying that your   inventory sheet should be kept separately from your watches, and away from prying eyes. 

The inventory sheet is absolutely priceless. It serves a number of purposes: from helping with determining which watches need a 'proper' insurance valuation, to helping you assess of your collection's monetary value. You may be surprised how much you've 'made' on certain pieces - and how other watches pathetically under-performed over the years. That's life. Of course, if you wish to trim your collection and sell a piece or two, get in touch. 

Watches always wanted!

Looking to add to your collection? Our entire stock is listed here:

We ship the moment that payment is received, which in most cases is the same day. In a day or two, the watch will be on your wrist.       
As of 16/03/2020

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