Friday, March 27, 2020

What is an annual calendar function?

The Aqua Terra Annual Calendar is simply: super cool. Unlike 'dumb' watches, an annual calendar is a smart mechanical computer which can tell the difference between the months with 30 days and 31 days and it will display the correct month and date all year round without the need of any further adjustments.

We have put up a short video showing how easy it is to quick set the annual calendar. Unlike with many other day date or triple calendar watches, Aqua Terra Annual Calendar can be quick set at any time without the worry of putting the watch 'out of whack' (a costly mistake!). Actually, you can't get it out of whack - even if you want to!

Watch the video here: 

A word about the video itself:

At a time when small businesses are melting down, we are doing our absolute best to remain at your service. Right now, we are creating videos that will help us stay in touch. As you would imagine, a video production keeps us busy but keeps us focused on learning. When you click on the link, like the video, and subscribe to our YouTube channel then this is the ultimate reward for our small crew.

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