Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Rebelde Day - YouTube Broadcast

Humbling and encouraging: we now have 89 people who will be tuning in to our YouTube broadcast on ‘rebelde day’ (Sunday 17th May @ 10am Sydney time).

Quite frankly, the original plan was simply to be online and say hello to you, but we have had a few requests to ‘structure’ this broadcast in a slightly more formal way. So here is the plan: we’ll start at 10am sharp outlining the reason why and how the ‘rebellion started’ eight years ago, where we are right now, and what are the plans for the future. Josh will share with us ‘the timascus story’ explaining the challenges – and excitements- which come from working with this crazy alloy. And we will be happy to answer your questions. Above all, I would like to think that our ‘rebelde celebration’ will greatly benefit not just watch enthusiasts but anyone who runs a small business.

I have three practical ‘tips’ to share; tips which I wish I had been given when we started that would save us frustration and disappointment, not to mention money and precious time. Of course, we don’t pretend to be all-knowing experts. On the contrary – our journey has just started but we have a story to share. I am sure that there are many similarities between what your rebellion story and ours, so we can learn from each other. Running a small business is not easy but manufacturing is TOUGH to the extreme.

Keep an eye on upcoming announcements and for the link to the YouTube Live event. Clear your diary – we’ll see you soon!                       

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