Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Preserving Australian railway watches- one Pronto at a time

It is always great to start the week on a high note. We have discovered a second Pronto Quartz SRANSW watch (model ref #612-714-31). What a find! Full credit for this discovery goes to Bobby who found it on eBay.

There are three main differences between the #622-639 (on a brown strap), and the only other known model that we currently have is #612-714-31 (on a black strap).

- Both have very different case styles.
- The width of the hands on the 622 model are slightly thinner than the 612 model.
- The red print on the dial is bolder on the 622 model. 

There is no greater joy than preserving our horological history, one watch at a time. My dear subscribers I beg you to look for Australian Railway issued watches. If you see one, snatch it! Send me a photo so we can put it in our catalogue, and if you don't want to keep it for yourself let me know.                           

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