Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Too old, too dumb, unwilling to invest - YouTube Live

Mark your diary, and set a reminder on your YouTube account for
Sunday 17th May, 10am AEST LIVE on YouTube.

Celebrating the 8th birthday of our Australian watchmaking project.
- 3 reasons why makers cannot quit.
- Freedom to make, Right to repair.
- Tour of our manufacturing facility
- Answering your questions: Live


Again, thank you to all those that tuned in yesterday for our live broadcast on YouTube. I have to say, I feel liberated for getting it off my chest. Our project started when I was 50 and Josh was not even 15, in desperation to prove a point and to make a firm stand. "Too old, too dumb and unwilling to invest" was an insult I could not live with. In this video, we talked about events and people who have helped us on our journey; the most heart breaking moment that almost crushed our spirit; and the small and major victories along the way. Of course, we are not there yet, but we are now finally FREE to peruse our dreams.

A big thank you goes to Rolex and other Swiss brands. Without you, this story could not be told.

Unscripted, raw, told as it is.

Watch the video by following the link here:

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