Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Timascus Update: The Rise of the Titans

After a few months of waiting, today we received a delivery of special titanium bars. The alloy known as 6Al4V contains aluminium and vanadium. Usage: prototypes for the racing and aerospace industries. In particular, 6Al4V is used extensively for the Boeing 787 aircraft.

Titanium was originally discovered by amateur scientist William Gregor in 1791 as a reddish brown clay he could not identify. In 1795, Austrian chemist Martin Heinrich Klaproth identified titanium as an entirely new element and named it Titanium after the Greek Gods known as Titans. The Titans were strong and giant deities in Greek mythology and is the root of many words, such as titanic, associated with great size and strength.

Titanium is 30% stronger than steel, but is nearly 50% lighter. It is 60% heavier than aluminium, but twice as strong. In horology, high corrosion resistance is a valuable characteristic. After anodising, it’s tenacious oxide film resists many corrosive materials, particularly salt water.

Our intention is to use 6Al4V to make watch screws for NH2 Timascus. Green, gold, pink, blue, and purple screws coming to your NH2 soon!

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