Monday, September 28, 2020

NH2.1 Timascus generating unusual interest


After releasing photos of five sets of timascus parts earlier this week, Josh has been approached by two major players in the Swiss watch industry with a request for a meeting. The main focus of their interest cannot be disclosed, but we are talking about a very specific colour and very specific machining processes.  Right now we can only speculate where we are heading, but whatever the offer may be: we are not interested.  

>From the way I see it: our timascus project is getting too hot, too soon, generating premature and unwanted interest. Our time is yet to come so no need to rush. However, from now on there will be no more Instagram photos of coloured timascus parts and processes - completed watches only.  

Our timascus supplier has told us that we are not the first watchmaker who has ordered titanium alloy, and that they are getting enquiries from the watch industry all the time. "You are the only one crazy enough to actually machine watch parts out of it" - they say laughing. Which is a fantastic position to be in: if the timascus takes off and a major watch brand enters the market, we can always claim that important bit of the fame: we've been there first. And if timascus remains obscure, then our watch owners will be the winners- the only one with a unique and very special watch.

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