Thursday, March 4, 2021

Made in Australia?


Every now and then there is yet another 'news' article featuring yet another Australian watchmaker. It seems that there is no shortage of journalists keen to break exciting news and 'watchmakers' eager to claim the spot under the lime light. Which is fine with us; our goal is not to be at the centre of public attention. We are a young company, still in it's infancy and our time is yet to come.

However, for the sake of truth, and for the sake of straightening the record, we are the only Australian watchmaking business capable of designing and manufacturing watch components. Those who claim their watches are 'Made in Australia' are simply deceiving the public and deceiving themselves because they are unable to provide a single proof of any manufacturing capability of making a single component, let alone a complete watch.

Watch manufacturing does not happen overnight. Manufacturing is a complex 'product' in itself which combines a number of elements which like puzzle pieces, are perfectly aligned. Those magic ingredients are numerous: people with skill, experience, R&D, high precision machinery, time, vision and determination. 

I know that many of you who follow our journey already know what we stand for. You can not be fooled by cheap press and exaggerated claims. However, for those who are new here: I have asked Josh to upload a quick 2 minutes video of a very specific machining process. This video is recorded today, in Brookvale, as a proof of our machining capabilities and as a proof that watch parts we make are Made in Australia. We also hope that one day soon, there will be another true maker in Australia capable of making watch parts and we can't wait for that day to come - this will surely be an exciting newsworthy development. 

Two minutes, easy to watch, feel free to leave your feedback.

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