Thursday, March 4, 2021

Who is the #1 Seiko dealer in Australia?


The “Iriomote Island” trilogy
As one would imagine, that information is top secret and SEIKO would simply refuse to comment on individual dealers.

Of course, no matter what the products are - from Porsches, Rolexes, Pateks, to Mizuno - every distributor has it's own pet dealer.

Getting the premium stock first or simply getting the special, favourable pricing deals is the result of a "magic"; trade relationship sealed over decades of mutually beneficial transactions. 

When the latest SLA047J 140th Anniversary SEIKO arrived yesterday, we were truly excited. This limited edition watch comes with strict 'one per dealer only' policy. And our example was number 0001. Actually, the full number is 0N0001 meaning this was the first watch to leave the Japanese assembly line in November 2020.

Is SEIKO testing our loyalty or are they simply teasing us? Was this intentional or simply a random 'act of kindness'? Or even a mistake? 

In any case, WE'VE GOT IT - the very special ichiban - the numero uno. And if you're quick, it could be yours.

SLA047J is the crown jewel of 140th “Iriomote Island” trilogy. All three watches feature the green dial inspired by the dense verdant forest on Japan’s Iriomote Island– one of the world’s best places for diving. Subtropical primeval forests cover most of the island, enriching the surrounding waters, nourishing the coral reefs, said to be among the world’s biggest and most diverse. 

SLA047J is a divers watch for saturation diving, featuring sapphire crystal glass and zirconia ceramic bezel. Price: $4,995 

You can find more about all three Iriomote Island pieces here:
Seiko Prospex SLA047J
44.3mm case size
Sapphire crystal
ceramic bezel
Automatic movement - calibre 8L35
Water resistance 300M
Limited to 3,000 pieces. 

Price: $4,995
*** YES - we also have the other two models of SEIKO 140th "Iriomote Island" trilogy in stock:
The $2,100 automatic SPB207J and $1,250 SSC807J Solar Chronograph. We will talk more about them next time, but if you can't wait, we'll gladly take your order now.
Seiko Prospex SPB207J
42mm case size
Sapphire crystal
Automatic movement - calibre 6R35
Water resistance 200M
Limited to 6,000 pieces. 

Price: $2,100
Seiko Prospex SSC807J
44.5mm case size
Sapphire crystal
Solar movement - calibre V192
Water resistance 200M
Limited to 4,000 pieces. 

Price: $1,250

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