Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Manufactured in Australia - The Workshop Update


Yesterday I spent the day at my friend Tim's microscopy lab! What a fascinating facility! I brought along our timascus bridge for an in-depth composition analysis.

The photo above is an X-ray Fluorescence image stitched over a high resolution "normal" photo.

The XRF image is actually a plot of the different elements in the material, each colour representing a different element! The majority of the content is various titanium grades represented in red; green is vanadium and the blue is molybdenum!

Of course, there are also trace amounts of a number of other elements: aluminium, cobalt, zinc, copper and gold. 

Once again, timascus has proven itself as an amazing cocktail of elements. While almost every other watch brand sticks with brass, which is inexpensive, soft and easy to machine and gold plate; our timascus parts offer fireworks of colour. Thanks to timascus' unique DNA, it would be actually possible to offer our ambassadors a 'DNA footprint' of their NH2 watch. Truly an experience like no other.

The journey from micron level to particle level - and down to atomic structure - is a truly amazing one. Manufactured in Australia, and now thanks to Tim - measured in Australia!

Josh Hacko

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