Thursday, April 15, 2021

An amazing find: 1996. Omega 3572.50


Straight to the point: over the past 27 years I have sold more than 300 Omega Moon watches, and had repaired at least another 300. For all those years I have not come across a more beautiful example than this 1996 Ref 3572.50 with a tritium dial, see through case back and gold 863 movement. In particular: the colour of tritium luminous markers is simply stunning. Of course, every now an then I do bump into a tritium Rolex with the similar colour dial, but all those Rolexes are from the 1960s and 70s which have had over 50 years to 'develop' this most sought after coloration. I am not sure what is the cause of such dial tone. Perhaps a unique mix of tritium phosphorus, or perhaps the unique lacquer applied over the hour markers, radioactivity, x-rays, or some other completely unknown source it has been (or has been not) exposed to. 

If you are a serious Moon watch collector then this is a Moon watch that is going to change the way you see and appreciate vintage watches. It will set the bar so high, that any other tritium dial Moon watch will be simply a grade lower or a fraction of this dial.

This is the punch line: Omega can remake gold 863 movements if it ever decide to do so, but even Omega can not go back in time and recreate the same tritium dials as they did in 1996. And even if they could, there is absolutely no way to predict when a dial like this one - if ever - will mature to such unique colour. 

Price: $12,800 for arguably the best dial Moon watch you'll ever see. I say you snatch it- or I'll keep it for myself. Watch code: K7590.

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