Monday, April 12, 2021

"Hey, what is the best way to support the NH project?"


It's easy: there is one watch that is incredibly important to us - and if you really want to support us, then this is the one you should buy: NH Mark 1.

1. Why? Because this is the only watch that brings in generous profit. We make more money on Mark 1 than on any other watch we sell. The reason is simple: it is a mature project where the initial investment in development and design has been long paid off. The Soprod (Swiss) movement is issue free. No under-guarantee returns and plenty of happy customers. Perfect 40mm size.

2. When you invest in Mark 1, you are DIRECTLY investing in the future of Australian manufacturing. All the profit stays here and all the taxes - from GST to company tax, to individual tax - stay in Australia. Mark 1 enables us to employ and train apprentices, to invest in machinery, and to grow. 

We are very proud that we can offer you this unique opportunity: to be a proud owner of an Australian watch. Mark 1 is designed and assembled in Australia by watchmaker(s) who also make watches - in Australia. Generations of accumulated watchmaking skills and expertise are built into the Mark 1 and unlike almost all other watches, YOUR Mark 1 is assembled by an actual watchmaker you know; one who cares about you as much he cares about your watch. Can you assign a dollar value to that?

Price - unchanged since very first release, still the same: $2,800. In stock, ready for immediate delivery.

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