Tuesday, November 9, 2021

They are finally here!!


What an incredible set of pocket watch stands. If you haven't been following our pocket watch stand journey this past month, then you might be wondering what this is all about. A few weeks ago, we invited woodcrafters to join us on our quest for an Australian pocket watch stand. The idea being that with the finished work you could display both Aussie craftsmanship, and your pocket watch. Well we finally got our first sets in and we are very excited. 

The stands are crafted from a selection of different and unique wood types with the first four being made by Australian woodcraftsman Manni, and the last made by Australian woodcraftsman, David. 

The first two are crafted from Tasmanian timber, one being made from Blackheart Sassafras, and the other being made from Myrtle. The first thing I noticed when I picked up these ones is that they have an uncanny and distinct 'Tasmanian' scent to them.

The third one is made from River Red Gum. What is cool about these particular pieces is that they feature figuring in the wood known as ‘fiddleback’, giving them that unique striping pattern that dances in the light. The fourth is made from a tree growth known as a Burl. Working with Burls is a time-consuming process. They must first be dried, then machined and rested in multiple stages, sanded, and finally polished. Which from start to finish may take place over a couple of weeks to several months depending on the size.
You can check out our full write up about making the Burl pocket watch stand here:

The fifth is made from Red Cedar and has a very cool story behind it. "The back story of the Cedar is it came from the original balustrade in Brisbane Town Hall that was salvaged by the builder who replaced it. It was destined for the tip until I realised that it was old growth timber, hundreds of years old and which cannot be bought these days."

These stands are the perfect companion for your desk to display your prized pocked watches and we couldn't be happier with how they turned out - each of them being completely unique and completely Australian crafted. 
Tasmanian Blackheart Sassafras
Price: $275
Tasmanian Myrtle
Price: $275
Fiddleback River Red Gum
Price: $275
 Burl from the root of a Yellow Mallee
Price: $275
This Red Cedar stand was made by David - 'The Box Junkie' with salvaged old growth timber from Brisbane Town Hall.
Price: $75

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