Tuesday, November 9, 2021

The watch you can't get from Seiko

At the moment, Seiko is the king of the limited release, super quirky and unique watches - pushing the boundaries of design and innovation to deliver a plethora of new and fresh ideas in the world of watch design. This one is no exception to that rule. In fact, this watch may be the greatest example of this to date.

Because Seiko is celebrating their 140th anniversary this year, they wanted to create a watch which highlighted their rich heritage as a company, as well as their connection to Japanese culture. In particular, they wanted to highlight the Ginza district in central Tokyo, which is of great importance to Seiko. Ginza was where the company’s founder, Kintaro Hattori, opened a shop selling and repairing clocks and watches in 1881, when he was just 21 years old. Today, Ginza is still where the company is located. For more than 120 years, a Seiko clock in Ginza has kept Tokyo on time. The Seiko clock looks down on Ginza’s most famous crossroads from the roof of the Wako store where one of the world’s largest Seiko flagship stores is located. Nearby are other Seiko establishments, including the Seiko Museum, a boutique dedicated to Seiko Prospex, and Seiko Dream Square, where people can experience each collection’s rich heritage and the unique worldview of Seiko.
Seiko's Flagship store in Ginza
When first looking at this watch, the main feature is obvious. The dial is absolutely stealing the show. But what is even cooler than this dial is the inspiration behind it:

"The intricate pattern of the dial incorporates two different sunray patterns which, as the viewing angle changes, create ever-changing impressions that capture the texture and feel of Ginza’s cobblestones. The seconds hand pays homage to the district’s history with Komparu, a traditional Japanese colour named after Komparu Street, where Ginza’s nightlife was once centred. This blue colour with a soft green tone which was first used in the middle Meiji era (1868 - 1912), instantly found favour among the many geishas who lived there and then gradually became a popular colour amongst the public."
Whether you love this watch for just the unique visual display of the dial, or the incredible backstory tied to it's creation, it is obvious that people have noticed just how cool it is - it is already sold out from Seiko's boutique.
Some people are already trying to cash in on the hype on Chrono24, with all the listings above the selling price. Crazy!
Today is your lucky day because Seiko has been kind enough to send us one of the 3500 pieces from this release. If you were looking for this watch or you've now fallen in love with it, jump on it - I doubt we will ever see this one again. We will even throw in an NH leather strap and buckle to go with the watch at no extra charge!
Seiko Prospex SPB259J1

Limited edition - one of 3500 pieces
Brand new, 38mm case, steel, screw lock crown, 200m water resistance, made in Japan, 6R35 Automatic Movement

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