Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Easy $1,000. In cash!

The winner takes it all.
Let's have some fun. And YOU will be the judge.

Yes, we are heading back to the 1980s and the golden days of disposal film cameras.

We'll keep it simple:

1.  Buy a disposable Ilford Ilfocolor camera from us ($19 plus postage)

2. Take your best shots - any subject, any occasion, the world is your oyster!

3. Send your camera to Do Film! Lab in Darlinghurst (see below for details) for development and scanning (special price $13), or your favourite film lab.

4. Pick your best image and email it to mail@vintagecamera.com.au no later than December 1, 2021.

5. If selected, your photos will be published in our newsletter, to be voted on by fellow subscribers. 

6. The winner will be announced on December 16.
One camera, one entry. Be quick - we only have 100 cameras for this competition.
You can collect your camera from our shop, or have it mailed.

Feel free to share, invite your friends and relatives. Let's keep film and film developers in business; and most importantly: let's preserve some precious moments for years to come.
Do Film! Lab:
257 Crown St,
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

0439 363 456
Trade promotion organized by Sydney Watches Pty Ltd, 21 October 2021.
By entering the competition, sender agrees for images to be published / reproduced for promotional and advertising purposes. On offer for Australian Subscribers only. 

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