Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Impeccable Writing Instrument


As I type this, I am looking at the bunch of neatly aligned boxes on my desk. Each one contains a fine writing instrument: the new Rebelde fountain pen.

And make no mistake - my job as a salesperson is to sell them all.

Of course, I can easily get you excited by telling you that each fountain pen is entirely made of the finest Sterling silver. And that an 18K gold nib with Iridium tip, the heart of this fine pen, is made in Germany. Yes, it looks sleek and classy - but so does every fine fountain pen on the market. Surely, I can point out that I have no doubt the Rebelde fountain pen - like any other Rebelde 'product' - will exceed your highest expectations, but you already know that.

So let me get to the point.

Being a proud owner of this fountain pen has nothing to do with the actual pen itself. It is all about you and you only. The pen is the most powerful tool you will ever hold in your hand.

And the way you use it is the way of expressing who you really are.

This year, some of you will sign your first mortgage document or apply for a loan. You will put your signature on the dotted line. You will commit and make a decision that will affect you in the most profound and unpredictable way for years to come. Others, who have laboured hard for perhaps decades, will this yet heir mortgage discharge. As a businessman, you will have to sign a pile of documents and cheque every day, and each signature will be the sign of yet another commitment. A writer will compose a poem or a play. An architect will sketch his masterpiece on a napkin with this very Rebelde pen and history will be made. A judge will sign a court order and with one stroke; your or my life may change forever.

Of course, those who send and receive the most joy from the pen are those sign and mail out real "Happy birthday cards”.

Yes, I can sell you the pen, but the signature is yours. Please use it wisely, as only a true 'Rebelde' would.

Price: $299 each. ORDER YOURS TODAY - we only have LIMITED STOCK available. Shipping: $10.

To order: please send us an email with your delivery details and phone number to

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