Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rebelde Gold Case in Production

We are getting there! The last phase of polishing the 18K solid yellow gold Rebelde case back is almost complete. The high speed tool machining the very edge of the case back; the flow of liquid coolant, the noise, precision, and smell - the whole atmosphere of action is something which will be forever embedded in the very fabric of the first prototype: Rebelde J 01/10.

The next step is the cutting of the crystal, then manufacturing of the Teflon seal. As you are well aware, not one case component of J 01/10 is a standard, off the shelf piece, but is custom designed and manufactured.

The middle case and bezel will undergo even more production phases. Once the assembled case passes the strict QC test, the manufacturing process will start again - case by case, one at a time, by humans, for humans.

My admiration and gratitude goes towards the skillful goldsmiths who made this project possible.

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