Thursday, January 22, 2015

Rebelde Lucky No 1

**And the winner is… Us! Guess what? Our charity auction was fantastic. A quick reminder: last week we auctioned one of our Rebelde watches with the intention to donate the entire proceeding to the East Timor Health Fund. Your generosity exceeded our highest expectations. Thank you. When we received an offer of $5,001 we were over the moon and we knew that we had made it. The only problem was that the second best offer was $5,000 and saying ‘no’ to an under-bidder would be mutually disappointing. Then I remembered that I had a Rebelde prototype in my safe to be released in March next year which I then offered to him. To cut a long story short, we ended up donating two watches for the amount of $10,001. I will soon be meeting with Professor McMinn from the University of Sydney to present him with a cheque.

So who is the winner? All of us. The new owners could not be happier, and loved the opportunity to be a part of an exciting and (generous) project. Members of Sydney University are currently working hard to rid the East Timorese of Elephantiasis, a shocking parasitic disease afflicting a large number of the population. The charity was set up to help distribute treatment provided by pharmaceutical companies and eradicate the disease in four years’ time. I am sure the donations will be put to good use. But more about that later. Right now I have attached a photo of one of the generous donors, Mr. Simon Lightbody, a new comrade Rebelde, proudly wearing his C01/75. And you would agree with me that his smile is priceless!

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