Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Omega bracelet adjustment DIY

For almost 30 years almost every Omega bracelet contained links joined together with a simple pin and sleeve arrangement.  Speedmasters, Seamasters, Constellations - the principle was the same - and if you do have an Omega watch produced from the 1980's to 2015 it would be a shame not to be able to remove or add bracelet links by yourself.  

You really need just a couple of tools.  AF 189.810 is a simple vice designed for pin extraction.  It comes with two pads and a spare blade.  Set it up as per the photo, then turn the extractor screw to drive the bracelet pin out.  Tip:  Hold the bracelet down firmly with one hand while turning the screw with the other.  Drive it all the way in.

Some links are held together with one pin and one sleeve while other Omega links contain two sleeves.  To re-assemble, reverse the process and drive the pin.
In the case of really stubborn pins, use AF 189.820 bracelet pin punch. 
This little set comes with three pins - size 0.7, 0.8 and 1mm.
 Use the largest diameter that will fit into your bracelet and then simply hammer the pin out. 
The beauty of pin punches is that their blades too can be replaced.

As for the hammer, I recommend an 80mm head.
Pinscrew removal toolhttps://shop.clockmaker.com.au/home/206-af-switzerland-pinscrew-removing-tool-ref-189810.html

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