Thursday, April 11, 2019

Your reputation is priceless - join the rebellion

Long time subscribers will remember well how the war started and what triggered the rebellion.  Small, independent, Australian watchmakers were ridiculed in what could be summed up as three points:  We're too dumb and too old to be trained, and disinterested in investing in quality specialist tools which will allow us to undertake complex repairs at big Swiss brand standards.  

Clearly "too dumb" is difficult to disprove, and being "too old" is not really our fault, but the third point does stand:  Most watchmakers are lethargic to invest in tools, and who could blame them?  What would be the point in investing in expensive tools when access to spare parts is restricted anyway?  And yet there are a few who will do anything to defend and advance their trade and skills - and we are on their side.  

The Bergeon tool Ref. 6820 is simply called The Bezel Extraction Tool.

It is one of those expensive tools which serves a unique purpose.  When it comes to bezel replacement on Rolex, Omega, and Tag watches (as well as many other brands) it is an irreplaceable tool.  The 6820 is a piece of art.  It's a special chuck so finely and precisely machined that it will leave any engineer speechless.  It's a tool that not only separates Mister Minit from a professional watchmaker, but from a professional watchmaker and a Master.

The next time you are in the city I'll be more than happy to show you the tool, and if you are a watchmaker, demonstrate how it works.

Directly from Switzerland, yours for only $780.  (By special order with a delivery time of 6 to 8 weeks).

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