Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The MaxiHulk - finally

When mid last year a Swiss tool manufacturer announced a high torque watchmaker’s screwdriver specifically designed for removing and tightening bracelet screws, I knew straight away I wanted one. The sample was every bit as good as advertised: a large 10mm diameter handle, beautifully knurled, and featuring a massive head fitted with a ball bearing.  Of course, with a replaceable tip perfectly held with a hex grab screw.

The only problem: the waiting time to get the screwdrivers manufactured!   It is now 5 months since I initially placed the order for 20 screwdrivers and, as of today, only 3 have been delivered!

Anyway, I can't wait any longer to share this great tool with you. The blade of the MaxiHulk has been shaped by myself to fit Rolex bracelet screws.  Indeed, if you are a Rolex enthusiast then the MaxiHulk is an essential tool for bracelet resizing. Taking a link out is no longer a worry: the blade fits perfectly into the screw head slot of almost any Oyster bracelet. The high torque can be applied locking the screws tight. You would be surprised how loose your bracelet screws actually are - until you give them a go with MaxiHulk.

Price $120 each, 3 only in stock. 


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