Thursday, March 28, 2019

Now stocking the best watchmaker's tweezers in the world - Dumont

As you already know, Dumont is considered the manufacturer of the world's finest tweezers. In business since 1881, Dumont makes tweezers in 11 different alloys, three classes, and dozens of shapes. If you are looking for "good tweezers" Dumont makes good tweezers. If you want "really good tweezers" Dumont makes really good tweezers as well. If you need the "Very Best Tweezers" made in Switzerland, then the Dumoxel and Dumostar alloys are the way to go – a perfect tool for professional watchmaker.

Six months ago, we placed our first order with Dumont for a selected range of watchmaker’s tweezers – and we are now proud to announce the very first delivery of hand polished, made ‘per order’ tweezers. In stock!

Dumostar 0109 (Style 1,3,5)

This Dumont patented alloy is composed of C, Cr, Mo, Mn, Co, Ni and Si. Dumostar is more elastic and more resistant to corrosion than the best stainless steel. It is also resistant to mineral and organic acids as well as salt. Although slightly more expensive than other alloys, Dumostar is 100% anti-magnetic and is resistant to sterilisation temperatures of up to 500°C. Dumostar 0109 tweezers are simply the top of the Dumont range. Price: $81 + GST each

Dumoxel 0103 (Style 1,2,3,4,5)

Dumoxel is composed of C, Cr, Ni, Mo and Cu and is the most popular choice. This alloy was developed and patented by Dumont to offer the best in resistance to corrosion thanks to its high concentration of molybdenum and chromium. Dumoxel also guarantees an excellent resistance to sulphuric environments, hydrochloric acid, as well as to all other mineral and organic acids. Dumoxel is 95% anti-magnetic, resistant up to temperatures of around 400° C. A great choice for general bench work. Price: $45 + GST each. 

Bergeon Tweezers: the famous Ref. 7026 set of 8
Set of 8 stainless steel anti-magnetic tweezers: 7026-1 / 7026-1-2 / 7026-3 / 7026-3C / 7026-AA / 7026-5 / 7026-7 / 7026-SS. All Tweezers are resistant to corrosion, acids and alkali. Price: $359 +GST for a complete box set.

To all of you, we remain grateful, and we are here to serve you.

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