Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The best investment I ever made

I bought my first Rolex case opener tool from Smith & Smith at 149 Castlereagh St in 1995 for $240.95 which was $40 more than the weekly rent for a brand new 2 bedroom unit.  It was a Bergeon Ref. 5537 which is still as good as new and we use it daily. That single tool has made me thousands - perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars - and was the best investment I've ever made.

The Bergeon case opener for Rolex watches ref. 5537 is once again available in Castlereagh Street - for your pleasure.  I'll sell you the tool, you write your own history.

*** Bergeon case opener for Rolex waterproof watches Ref. 5537

Bergeon key for opening and closing waterproof and grooved watch cases

Price: $385


*** Bergeon bench vice for waterproof Rolex watch cases Ref. 5700-RO

Total height: 300 mm. Diameter of wheel: 160 mm. Made of die-cast alloy.

Contents: 1 vice No 5674 /  1 set of 6 rings No 5538 with intermediate holder (18.50mm / 20.20mm / 22.50mm / 26.50mm / 28.30mm / 29.50mm) / 2 sleeper screws / 2 wing nuts.

This is a tool for a professional watchmaker or a Rolex second-hand watch dealer.  You will be able to open any Rolex case effortlessly without scratching the watch case back. 

Price: $1,450


*** Bergeon assortment of milled rings to open Rolex Oyster cases Ref. 5538

Bergeon assortment of 6 milled rings with intermediate holder for waterproof grooved cases Ref. 5538.  These rings are used in conjunction with presses 5700.

The same as ref. 5537 except instead of a handle it comes with the adaptor, enabling you to turn your bench press or vice into a case opener.

Price: $350


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