Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Watchmaking 1.0 class every Tuesday night


I'm glad to report that another Tuesday watchmaking 1.0 class went well.  Our focus was on probably the most famous Swiss quartz mechanism of all time - the ETA 955.412.  We got deeply into movement disassembly and the students had a unique opportunity to handle some of the smallest watch components.   Again, we stayed till late but the students who put in extra effort managed to even get their movements assembled with surprisingly little assistance.


Staying still for over an hour and a half, heavily focused on a task, was not easy but the ultimate reward is newly acquired skills and knowledge.  One thing is certain: the more time you spend behind the bench, the more you will appreciate your watch.  And for a watch enthusiast this is a priceless reward in itself. 

For those of you who missed our March course, good news.  On 2 May we are starting the next round with 5 new students. The cost of the course is $400 for four Tuesday night sessions plus the cost of the tools (see below).

While this is not a pre-requirement, we would like to give priority to students who are particularly keen to set up their own work space at home.  If this sounds like you please reply to this email and tell me about your skill level, your age, your interests, and what you would most like to achieve out of the course.

Those of you who are already asking about Watchmaking 2.0, this project is well underway but I'm not quite ready yet to announce it.  All I can say is we will be working on a Seiko diver's automatic watch and you will love it!                

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