Wednesday, March 20, 2019

You shouldn't suffer for horology

There is nothing more annoying than a short leather strap!  It's unsafe, ugly and unsophisticated.  If you are cursed (or blessed?) to have an XXL body or wrist, then you are fully aware that 'custom made' is often your only option when it comes to buying shoes, clothing, belts - and leather watch straps.

Occasionally we get asked to add links to a 20cm full size bracelet.  We know there are some big wrists out there and we don't want you to miss out on these beautiful straps. So last month we asked our leather craftsman, James Young from Alice Springs, to help us expand our range of fine hand-made kangaroo straps to include not just XL straps but XXL straps.  And a parcel of 10 pieces arrived yesterday: black, dark brown and tan. The good news: our monster straps are offered at the same price as standard length stock - only $140.

Width: 24mm suitable for all rebelde Titanium models and the newest NH 'manufactured in Australia' model. Of course, this strap would also be a perfect choice for any other watch with 24mm spacing between the lugs such as Panerai or IWC .  The buckle end width is 22mm.



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