Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Watchmaking on Tuesday

Tonight is our second 'instalment' of Watchmaking 1.0. To say that our small class of 5 students is diverse would be quite an understatement: a medical doctor, funds manager, mysterious 'office worker', a lady locksmith, and a barrister. Yet all of them simply love watches and love learning more about what makes them tick.

Last Tuesday we set our goals, talked a lot, tooled up, had fun - and tonight we are getting into it. Each student will be provided with a watch with a task to research, then pull it apart in a methodical and professional way, under our supervision.  The end goal is to answer just one question: what makes a watch - a watch?

Of course, and as you may have guessed,  I have been already accused of 'prostituting the trade'  by letting 'total outsiders' acquire the tools and 'fiddle with watches'. Some of my colleagues are clearly stuck in the 1930s’ mentality of secrecy and deliberate restriction to keep the trade 'pure and unpolluted'.

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