Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Workshop Update

Two pieces of news to report: first, more custom collets for our Citizen lathe are arriving from Germany. The collets are made by the tool specialist Schlenker, and are simply a work of art. This particular one is to hold a 1.2mm diameter screw, long nose construction, for fully automated turning in a sub-spindle. Cost:  around 500 Euros. We now have 5 in the set for various diameters.

Second; you have heard this so many times: "there is no such thing as a broken rebelde/NH watch". And not just for now, or for a decade or two: we intend to look after your watch for generations. For that to happen, we need to keep training young watchmakers and keep stocking spare parts. The box in the photo contains every single component (actually at least seven of each!) for our NH1 calibre: from our own bridges, crews, Swiss gears, pallets, down to the smallest jewel. You bring your broken watch, we say – "no worries, your part is in stock" - and an hour later, your watch is ticking again. How cool is that?

By the way, here is the question: who makes storage boxes to last for 100
years? Well, the company which has been in business themselves for 300 years - Bergeon.     


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