Thursday, March 7, 2019

What is the price of watch oil per litre?

Just over $25,000.  Luckily, 2mls watch escapement oil will last for a couple of years - even in the busiest repair shop. The amount of oil applied in each ruby jewel is minuscule, however, a re-lube on a mechanical watch would require at least 4 different lubricants.  Watchmakers buy their oil in a 'set' consisting of various grades.  Moebius is the leading watch lubricant supplier, based in Switzerland and owned by Swatch Group.

Applying the oil is an art form - but when using the right tools this task can be mastered even by amateurs and hobbyists.               

Bergeon assortment of oilers Ref. 30102-PO4

Bergeon oilers with protective caps in an assortment of sizes.

Swiss Made.

Price:  $19

Bergeon automatic precision oiler Ref. 7720-5

Drop injection oiler. For train wheel pivots, cup bearings, everywhere the oiler has to be positioned before depositing oil.

Can be used for general work.

Swiss Made.

Price: $150

Moeius lubricant kit for mechanical watches Ref. 8500-KIT-MEC

9104/5 ml Train, frictions steel/steel

9415/2 ml Escapement

9504/5 ml Very high frictions

9010/2 ml Train

9501/5 ml Frictions hand setting

Price:  $250


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