Monday, April 29, 2019

Simply amazing: engraving the human hair

A massive congratulations to Kern Microtechnik, Germany: using a custom made 10 micron endmill fitted in a Pyramid Nano 5 axis mill, they've managed to engrave a hair! The hair is around 80 microns thick. A true miracle of mechanical engineering.

The only other Pyramid Nano in the Southern hemisphere is located in Brookvale...
By the way, if you are wondering who made the 10 micron end mill: it's Zecha. In 1964 Erwin Zecha started his own tool making business, in his house. The entire workshop consisted of one 12 square meters bedroom. And he trained his first toolmaking apprentice 24 years later, in 1985! Talking about taking it easy... Anyhow, today Zecha is one of the leading German precision tool manufacturers still holding onto his original motto:  "Start small, grow steadily and never lose sight of the horizon".  

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