Wednesday, August 28, 2019


The "Song of Stormy petrel" is a poem by Maxim Gorky written in 1901. The poet overhears a conversation between birds outside his window on a late-winter day. A crow, a raven, and a bullfinch representing the monarchist establishment; sparrows, "lesser people"; and anti-establishment siskins (чижики). As the birds discuss the approach of the spring, it is one of the siskins who sings to his comrades “the Song of the Stormy Petrel”, which he had overheard somewhere. In the song, the action takes place on an ocean coast far from the streets of Moscow – where lives the proud stormy petrel, unafraid of the storm (that is, revolution) as all other birds cower.

The publication of the poem of the Russian society was disallowed by the censors and Gorky was arrested for publishing it. However the Burevestnik Revolyutsii -The Storm Petrel of the Revolution- later becomes the battle anthem of the Soviet Russia  and one of Lenin's favourite works by Gorky.

The Krivak class, Soviet designation Project 1135 Burevestnik, were a series of frigates and guard ships built in the Soviet Union primarily for the Soviet Navy since 1970. Later some sub-branch, like the Nerey was designed for coastal patrol by the KGB Border Troops.
Which brings us to the watch on today’s offer: super rare original 40 mm case Raketa Burevestnik 24 hours marine timepiece issued especially for Soviet Navy stationed in Leningrad naval base. Fitted with the original Calibre 2623H and inner rotating bezel denoting the 4 hours shits, this is a true Military tool watch.
Of course, as it was in use for at least couple of decades (1970s-1990s) it does show usual amount of wear, but it still keeps perfect time. Lightly polished, fitted with a brand new strap. Serial number: 342.

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