Monday, August 5, 2019

Welcome home Seth Thomas

Andrew and Bobby welcoming the new arrival.  A NSW Government Rail Clock.  

This early 1900's Seth Thomas 30 day regulator spent over 80 years on duty.  We are yet to do more research on the exact Station Office it was located in (it could be more than one).  It then spent another twenty years being well looked after by an ex railway employee.

Seth Thomas (1785 - 1859) was an American clockmaker and a pioneer of mass production. Seth Thomas Clock Company made a wide range of domestic and industrial clocks, mainly wooden cased. While the bulk of production was for a common man looking for an affordable domestic clock, Seth Thomas Railway Regulator was well made work-horse clock.

 Between 1900-1920 NSW and Victoria Rail imported over 4,000 Seth Thomas clocks. Many of them are still around, and occasionally, appear on the market. Note: Victoria Rail dials are plain, with clock number marked on the case, while NSW clock have "NSW Government Railway" printed dials. Over the years dials were systematically repainted and silk screen printed, most recently in 1980s. 

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