Friday, November 15, 2019

Kick start your career in 2020!

2020 is just around the corner and the time to make a very important career decision is NOW. And you're neither too young or too old to learn!
Watchmakers CNC Machining Course 

Duration: 52 weekly sessions, 2 hours per session (6pm-8pm Wednesday evenings).

Where: NH Watchmaking workshop, Brookvale, Sydney.

Starting: First week of January 2020.

Objective: Introduction to CNC machining- measuring, design, drawing, programming, tooling, turning and milling.

Focus: Practical 'CNC skill-building' training relevant to watchmaking and other high precision industries.

Age 12 - 15                                             FREE
        16 - 29 (students)                           $4,000
        30 and over (employed / retired)    $6,500

Payment: In advance or in 4 quarterly instalments for students.

The number of attendees for this course is limited to 6.

How to apply: Please send a detailed 'expression of interest' letter to We would like to hear why you would be interested in attending the course, your current involvement in the industry (if any) and anything else you feel relevant to secure your seat.

Clearly, our intention is to open our workshop to young people who will benefit the most from this unique opportunity, as well as to students who are either considering a mechanical engineering career, or are already trained as technicians / engineers but lack practical workshop CNC experience.

As specialised watchmakers and the only watch parts manufacturer in Australia, our workshop is equipped with modern, state of the art high precision CNC machines not commonly found in Australian workshops or even universities.

This course is only available to Australian citizens or permanent residents.

We would appreciate it if you help us spread the word (Facebook/ Watch Forums) by downloading and sharing the link to our PDF flyer.

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