Friday, November 1, 2019

Your First Watch

Our last subscriber survey that was conducted a couple of years ago revealed that 40% of you have between 3 and 5 high grade watches. 45% have more than 5, and about 10% of subscribers are yet to buy their first serious watch. If you are a member of the latter group, then this article is specifically for you.
5 Reasons why an Omega Seamaster James Bond Quartz should be your first watch

1. The blue Seamaster James Bond is simply a well-made timepiece. A very accurate quartz mechanism fitted in a 300m well-machined stainless steel case means longevity. It is a watch built to last forever and I really like that.

2. Easy to fix. I'm not exaggerating: Seamaster quartz is the easiest watch to repair. It is actually so easy that I could train any able-bodied person with average eye sight to fix it within two weeks. And yes, easy to fix means affordable low-cost maintenance.

3. Put simply, it is a good looking watch. Blue dial, blue bezel, 41mm case size, a perfect match for any wrist size. A watch that will compliment your smart casual look; a watch for all occasions.

4. Omega is a Swiss brand on the rise. In recent years, Omega is not only filling the market gap voided by Rolex, but Omega watches are now significantly more expensive than some gold diamond studded Rolex watches. Quite frankly, we didn't see this coming. The quality of new Omega watches, especially of inner mechanisms, has already surpassed Rolex. Unless Rolex raises their game, it is just a matter of time before Omega becomes the new Rolex.

5. Fantastic value for money. Yes, paying around $3,000 for a 10 to 15 year old Omega sports watch might sound a lot to a first time buyer. But there is simply no other Swiss watch in this price range that competes with a good old James Bond. If you invest in one, you will have a watch for life that will serve you well and that you will be proud to pass on.

I'm not paid by Omega to speak highly of their watches, and yes there are plenty of Omega models that I certainly would not be interested in. But the reasons quoted here are genuine and the result of 20 years dealing in Seamaster James Bond. I am so serious about this recommendation that you can test me. Even if it came down to Omega James Bond vs my own Mark 1, I would still say that your first watch should be James Bond... And then your second watch should be NH Mark 1.                         

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