Friday, January 10, 2020

Not on my watch, Batman!

It’s been a while since someone has tried to sell me a fake Rolex- so imagine offering me a fake 'Batman' on the first day back to work! Clearly the seller stood no chance, but I was still surprised at the quality of his replica.

Not only did it look right from a distance, but it felt right. The quality of steel, bezel, and overall weight – the things that would usually be a dead giveaway, all seemed plausible. However, the devil is in the detail. Once up close, there was no doubt that we were dealing with a high grade, Chinese-built replica that could fool even a professional.

So, what gave it away, you may ask?

- Firstly, the rehaut was not engraved but laser etched.
- Secondly, whilst the Rolex engraving and serial number appeared fairly original and all the letters except for the ‘R’ seemed legitimate, that key digit had a slightly elongated flick.
- Lastly, the Rolex symbol on the winding crown was just ever so slightly different to the real one.

The bottom line is this: It didn't fool me, but only because I have handled thousands of Rolex watches over the years. However, there is no doubt that for a novice buyer, it would be impossible to distinguish this fake against the real version.

I wonder, how many fake 'Batmans' are floating around? If you have bought one recently, and have any suspicions, then here's the deal. Bring it in, I'll assess it FREE OF CHARGE in less than 10 seconds, and give you some peace of mind.
This free assessment applies to "Rolex Batman" models ONLY.

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