Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The best living clockmaker in the world

On 31st December, I had the privilege to meet the best clockmaker in the world. He is a very busy and very private craftsman and I was allocated 15 minutes to meet him. A man I have followed for years, a man with an admirable philosophy, a man who is a true genius allowed me to admire, up close, his inspiring work for over 3 hours.

I am still giddy and under the influence of his brilliance, because I have never met a clockmaker like him. In a time where people are self-confessed ‘influencers’ despite a lack of craft that they put out to their following, it is truly humbling to meet a man who's skill surpasses that of Breguet, but who does not seek fame or crave global recognition.

The clock in the photo has been in the making for over 14 years and is the most complex clock in the world, ever built. As bizarre and strange as it may sound, I didn't fly to Switzerland, or Germany, or Japan, or England to visit the clockmaker and his masterpiece. The workshop is in fact just an hour and a half drive away from Sydney!

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