Thursday, August 6, 2020

As promised: Horology Do-It-Yourself

The first ten essential watchmaking tools that will get you started.

One rule here: buy the best tools you can afford - and buy them from someone you can trust. 

The recommendation list is a result of decades 'behind the bench' experience you can only get from a practising Master Watchmaker.
Yes, we do have tools to sell, but the purpose of this video is not to sell you the tools, but to make your life easier by pointing you in the right direction. It's all here: suppliers, tool numbers, prices and more.
Only 4 minutes long, it's a must watch.

Note: a company in Queensland that has been selling 'Nicholas Hacko' branded watchmaking tool kits, has been doing so without my approval or consent. The only tools that I personally recommend are the tools featured in this video.

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