Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Do you have an eye for detail?

Can you see it?

Of course you can. It's an escape wheel jewel from a Seiko 7S26 movement. Yes, it's tiny. In today's video, Andrew and I talk about different shock resistance devices in wrist watches - and why the function of these devices can not be assumed by how they look. 

You should watch it - for no other reason than from an educational standpoint. The video is only 6 minutes long and I guarantee your appreciation of both horology and the work involved in the servicing of your watch will increase significantly.

Let me be clear: we are not making YouTube videos for entertainment purposes only. Our goal is to share with you what horology is all about. Every member of our small team is actively engaged in the production. The content that comes from independent watchmakers is unbiased and the result of decades of practical experience gained behind the bench - the only content you can trust. 

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