Friday, August 14, 2020

Yes, you can do it!


There is no doubt that face to face gathering wont resume any time soon. Especially so, our Watchmaking classes.
Yet strangely enough, 'thanks' to coronavirus, our classes are now moving to YouTube. 

Yes, you can do it. Actually, any technically minded person willing to follow straightforward instructions will be able to complete our course. Once again, we are pulling apart a trustworthy Seiko 5 fitted with a 7S26 movement - the pride and joy of Japanese horology. A simple 'no frills ' watch which you will get to know inside and out. As we say, nothing beats that special feeling of being able to tell the world that YOU have pull a watch apart - and put it back together - yourself. 

This instalment is just under 10 minutes and Andrew and myself are showing how to take the mechanism out of the case, then to remove stem, hands and dial. Your feedback is needed: feel free to let us know if the tutorial is easy to follow and are you able to see clearly what is going on.

Of course, there are many 'pull apart' watch videos on YouTube, but our course is different: we are real watchmakers with unparalleled interest in helping you to complete the course. 

Watch it here:

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