Thursday, August 27, 2020

So how can we help you?


1. Battery operated watches

Regardless of maker, Swiss battery operated watches (also known as quartz watches) are repairable even when 20 or 30 years old. 
>From a simple battery replacement and water resistance test to complete overhaul or mechanism replacement - we do them all.

2. Rolex

Our speciality is vintage Rolex watches made from 1960 to 2000, sports models like Submariner and GMT Master, Explorer, as well as Datejust and Presidents. Complete overhaul starts at around $950. Restoration starts at $1500 plus parts. If you have a modern Rolex which is less than 10 years old, our suggestion is to send it directly to Rolex. No, we are not an authorised service centre for Rolex - nor any other brand - we are proudly independent.

3. Omega

Again, we love Speedmaster Moon watches made before 2010. Complete overhaul starts at $750 plus parts for relatively modern examples, to a couple of thousand for late 1960s to 1970s. Seamaster and non-chronograph models range from $500. We religiously don't touch calibre 8500 or later due to lack of spare parts.

4. Breilting, Panerai, Hublot?

Easy to repair, but DEFINITELY NO - due to ridiculous 'no parts to independent watchmakers' policy. 

5. AP, Patek, JLC, Lange?

High grade watches require specialists tools, specialists training and access to spare parts. As such, they should be sent to their maker/brand.

6. All other brands?

>From case to case. If spare parts are available, then yes, we can fix it.

Please keep in mind that Swiss brands are flooded with repair work. Turnaround time is 3-6 months and in some cases even a year. Our turnaround time is around 6 weeks. We don't chase work nor compete with brands. Our charges reflect our level of expertise and the majority of our customers are watch collectors. The first step is to email us a photo of your watch and let us know what's wrong with it. If we can help then you are welcome to drop your watch in person or send it by registered mail. However if you are to visit us then please arrange for an appointment. Thank you for your cooperation.

Buying and selling:

Have a watch to sell? Send us a photo and some indication as to how much would you like to get for it. We'll reply promptly. 

Selling is easy: our stock changes daily and what's available is listed online. For your convenience we offer a four instalment 90 day lay-by. We call it "The frugal deal". It works - almost half of our watches are now sold this way and you are loving it. We live in uncertain times and at the end of the day, watch collecting is a hobby, so acquiring a piece to add to your collection should be enjoyable, with no sales pressure, a risk free transaction. 

Instagram. The majority of our Instagram followers are fellow machinists and watchmakers. If you are on Instagram and would like to see new watch  parts manufactured in Australia, then you are welcome to follow us at

Watchmaker’s tools shop. This is a serious matter: Swiss tools are disappearing fast! Even those tools which are still in production are difficult to obtain. Just a couple of examples: the jewelling tool we've placed an order for and paid for in full, 12 months ago, is yet to be delivered. The Bergeon 'economy' screwdriver set of five is our best selling item – Bergeon is out of stock. Same for hands removal tool. And the list goes on. On Friday, my Swiss contact emailed me to let me know that a famous watch case manufacturer who is to celebrate 150 years in business went out of business, permanently. Modern facility, 40 people, all specialists – gone forever. Under ‘normal circumstances’ they would be easily be absorbed or taken over by a major brand, but times are not normal and the Swiss watch industry is contracting. Bottom line: take good care of your Swiss tools and don’t hold your breath for discount. Link to our tools shop is here:

YouTube is a new project. There are at least a dozen reasons why we create horological video content. Video production is a fantastic learning opportunity to all of us. It sharpens our attention to detail and it allows you to see what watchmaking is all about; persistence and patience. Watches are complex precision instruments that require regular maintenance. Right now we are documenting a Speedmaster Moon watch restoration project. You will be amazed with the complexity and skills required, and in return, your appreciation for your own watch will grow exponentially. Our best customers are educated and appreciative customers! When you subscribe to our channel, you are not just helping us grow, but helping us pass on the skills to other watchmakers and students. Link to our channel:

Our biggest challenge

Dealing with impatience and unrealistic expectations. The vast majority of our customers are very reasonable people, but Covid times are clearly putting some stress on others. “Is my watch ready?”, “Why has the parcel not been delivered yet?”, “I’ve emailed you the other day and haven’t heard back?” – these are all normal and valid questions. Except that times are NOT normal. We should be grateful that the postal and courier service is still somehow functional, but the system is overloaded and slow. If you haven’t heard from us then that’s most likely because we are yet to hear from our supplier. We take customer service seriously, and quite frankly, we know that the vast majority of our customers are over the moon. We also strive to improve our customer service whenever possible, but if you are not happy with what we have to offer then perhaps, your expectations are a little unrealistic.

By appointment only

To make an appointment to visit us is super easy: call 02 9232 0500 or email to . We are open Monday – Friday from 10-4pm . Please keep in mind that we don’t keep stock on premises. We are a super busy workshop, not a showroom. Thank you for your cooperation

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