Thursday, March 21, 2013

1958. Omega advertisement

*** 1958 Omega advertisement

Hi Nick, I recently found a pile of news papers under my house and spotted this. I hope it is of interest. Dean

Sure is Dean - and thanks for taking time to email us.

What a lovely advertisement! I love that punch line: "Some day you will own one!"

Those little gems of horological history are very valuable to watch collectors because they help us to put things 'in perspective'. Often, we jump on a manufacturers complaining about the price of new watches. In reality, 55 years ago a good quality gold Swiss watch was even more of a 'sacrifice' than it is today.

Your advertisement from The Sun Herald, September 21, 1958 is a perfect example: It shows that the price of solid 14K gold Seamaster was 120 pounds, and most certainly would not have been a rash purchase for the discerning gentleman of the era. The Seamaster range at the time was only 10 years old, being created in 1948 to encompass the new trend for timepieces billed as 'sports models'. These watches were solid and dependable, being billed as 'super-waterproof' and shock protected.

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