Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Timor from Dubbo: Protect it as best you can!

Today a watch arrived in the post carefully packed in a hand-made wooden box. I was impressed by the lengths the owner went to, in order to ensure its safe delivery. In the coffin, I found a 1960s beaten up Timor, with a note:

"Dear Sir, Yesterday, when I went to adjust the time on this watch, I pulled out the winder as usual. The usual click sensation was absent, and the winder felt quite loose. When I attempted to adjust the time, the hands didn't turn, as if the winder has become disconnected. Will you please investigate and repair. Advise me at ( ) of the cost and I will post you a cheque." Thank you, K,, Dubbo. "

The watch was in shocking condition. Obviously a daily wearer which has not been taken off the wrist for past 50 years! Quite frankly, it was long overdue for burial.

Yet there was something honest, sincere and very human about the owner and his request.

On the other hand, while fixing the broken winding crown is only a minor repair which would not take more than 10 minutes, it could take 10 days before the $10 check is received and cleared!

But how could I deny my service to someone who has put so much trust in me?

To his credit, the beaten-up Timor started ticking the very moment the new crown was fitted on and it was on it's way to Dubbo before lunch time, fee of charge, including a free return delivery.

The reward of 'resurrecting' yet another half-dead watch, knowing that an old man will be thrilled to get his ticker back on his wrist was all I needed as compensation for my humble service.

Now, if you think that reason for this post is to brag about my generosity then you've completely missed the point.

The point is: if you are to ship your watch to a watchmaker, PROTECT IT AS BEST YOU CAN!

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