Sunday, March 17, 2013

No one does Art deco like JLC!

True Art Deco - Only JLC can do this!

There are three things you should know about the Jaeger Le Coultre Reverso:

1. No one does ladies watches like Jaeger Le Coultre. Many brands produce watches that are attractive, smaller sized and often studded with precious stones, but none are as feminine as the timepieces produced by JLC. They say 'The devil is in the detail', and that holds very true with ladies watches. We have become used to larger and chunky watches that are good looking, but these lack the fine detail and femininity of a Reverso, which has many delicate finishes that work beautifully on the wrists of elegant ladies.

2. Plenty of watchmakers can do 'pretty', but JLC does pretty alongside top class engineering. There are very few watches out there that are different enough to be instantly recognisable to the layman. JLC achieved this feat as the slide and flip mechanism that was created originally to keep the watch glass safe from everyday knocks. This 'slide and flip' mechanism is an elegant design, perfectly executed in miniature and built to last the lifetime of the timepiece.

3. How can you create an art deco watch if you weren't there? Plenty of watch makers have created timepieces that are styled to look Art Deco, but in all honesty they pale into insignificance when you put them next to the JLC. The Reverso was designed at a time when Art Deco was actually a style, and this timepiece was created by a real Art Deco designer. There is no substitute for experience.

The Reverso we have for you today is solid 18K yellow gold and studded front and back with diamonds and rubies. The timepiece is delicate and feminine and will suit those looking for a great looking watch that is built to last, without being industrial and clunky.

No one does Art deco like JLC!

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