Friday, September 20, 2019

NH2 Timascus Update!

Before we go any further, a very humbling thank you to all subscribers who have put their name down for NH2 Timascus and those who took time to visit us and inspect the watch in person - we really appreciate it. Judging by the amount of interest Timascus in generating, we will be busy machining, hand finishing and assembling for months to come. 

In a way that reminds me of that classic Irish joke: Jimmy was selling his potatoes so cheap that he couldn't even cover his production costs. When a friend pointed out that perhaps there is a flaw in his business model, he cheerfully replied: Yes I know, I need a bigger truck!  

The very core of NH2 is "be prepared for the unexpected". From the front the watch it looks like any other but when you flip it to the back, it looks like no other. There are 3 fundamental pillars of that "like no other" experience. The Timascus itself, an alloy like no other. The unique pattern means no two watches will ever be the same and the splash of colour which again makes every single piece completely unique. This week we took the NH2 to the next level by removing as much Timascus possible from the three quarter bridge while retaining it's structural strength. This technique is called skeletonisation, or what horologists call: exposing the bare bones of a timepiece. Skeletonised watches are not for everyone's taste, but those who appreciate that extra effort would surely be impressed.

Again the images provided are not even a close representation. For high resolution go to:

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